How to make Chinese egg rolls, step by step with pictures


 How to Make the Chinese Egg Roll Recipe Filling

This is how you prepare the ingredients

The basic filling for egg rolls is the vegetables. You can add any meat filling you would like.  We’re going to use ground beef for this recipe. 

Start with the shiitake mushrooms.  If you bought the dried shiitake mushrooms, you will have to let it soak for one day to hydrate it.  If you don’t have shiitake mushrooms, you can always substitute it for portabella mushrooms.

Cook the mushrooms for your egg rolls:

You want to make sure the mushrooms are tender and sweet.  So, take about 15 pieces of shiitake mushrooms, put it in a pot with two cups of water, add 2 tablespoons of rock sugar, and bring it a boil.

After it boils turn it to medium heat and let it cook for 1 hour.  Then strain it, let it cool and cut the stems off. I like to use the top part of the mushroom only.

Preparing the rest of the vegetables

In the meantime we’ll work on preparing the rest of the vegetables. You’re going to shred the jicama, cabbage and carrots.  Shred each vegetable into slices that are no more then 4 inches in length.  You need a strainer large enough to put all of the vegetables once you are done shredding them.

Jicama for Chinese egg rolls recipe Peel the jicama skin for the egg rolls

Jicama is a root that tastes sweet; the wrapper is thick and very fibrous.  You will need to peel off all of the wrapper.  You can start it with a food peeler; then you should be able to peel of the rest of jicama skin off by hand.


Shred the jicama for the egg roll filling

Cut the jicama in half, then in sections. This makes it easier to handle. Then slice it into thin slices and shred it.  Place it into a very large food strainer.  You’ll do the same for the cabbage and the carrot.


Shred the cabbage for the egg roll filling  Slice the carrots for the egg roll filling

Take the cabbage and remove a few outer layers. This leaves you with the fresh clean part of the cabbage.  Again cut it in half, cut the core out, then cut it in sections, so it is easy to handle.

We’ll shred the carrots. First use a peeler to remove the skin, and cut the ends off.  Cut the carrots in half and shred it.


Shredded Vegetables for Chineses egg roll filling Cooking the vegetables for the egg roll filling

Now the next step is to cook the vegetables. Put the shredded vegetables in a large pot and fill it with water.  Cover it and bring it to a boil, then turn your stove to medium heat and let cook for 20 to 30 minutes. 

You want the vegetables to be nice and soft.  Remove the vegetables from the stove and pour it into back into your large food strainer.  Let it sit until there is no excess water.  This will be the basic filling for your delicious Chinese egg rolls. 


The ground beef and spices for the meat filling Chop the Shiitake mushroom for egg rolls

Now for the meat of the filling. For this you are going to use 1lb. ground beef.  Chop the shiitake mushrooms. I use a chopper (hehe). It works great, but you can use a food processor.  You don't want to chop the mushrooms up too fine, leave it chunky so you will get the full flavor in each bit of egg roll.

Dice the green onions, the parsley and garlic.

Cook the meat in a saucepan with the green onions, parsley together with

1 teaspoon of chicken flavor bouillon

1 teaspoon of white pepper

2 heaping tablespoons of barbecue sauce

2 tablespoons of soy sauce

Mix the spices with the ground beef and cook

Cook until the meat is done.  It should only take 5 or 10 minutes. Mix the vegetables and the meat together. Then let it sit it in a large strainer and drain all of the fluid completely.

Mix the vegetable and cooked meat. Strain the fluid.

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